Raising funds for a project is not as easy as writing a business plan. There are many more important elements involved in successful completion of a funding. It requires a thorough evaluation and analysis of several aspects that are constituent to the project itself, to the specific country where it is located and the project owner.

Project funding is usually applied to conduct a thorough study in order to secure the viability of the said project. It is a systematic approach applied by professional consultants to assist project principal in successfully raising funds for their project.

It is developed in such a way that will assist lenders, investors and project owners to safely and successfully accomplish the realization of a project and funding in this borderless world. Project funding is unique business model for investment and risk management in emerging economies.

This service provides a structural solution to off-balance-sheet financing. It requires a rigorous and disciplined approach to valuation, risk assessment and capital raising. In contrast to more traditional forms of corporate finance, project finance enables large scale enterprises with little or no history to create meaningful financial leverage, while tapping many sources of capital available.

Project funding services are only for people who are committed and serious in seeking funding for their project. Not every enquiry we receive is suitable for funding and we actually reject more than 70% of cases where we believe it would be impossible to arrange finance.

For Swiss Smart Solutions (SSS) to consider your case it must:

  • Be an economically viable project.
  • Be located in a country where we can work (not all countries are possible).
  • You must fully understand the complexity of cross border funding.
  • Have credible promoters.

The principal must have a strong background in the industry or must financially afford to pay the initial facilitation fee which is payable in advance. There are reasonable amount of work, time and travelling involved in order to complete the funding successfully.

It is essential for you to understand the costs involved to prepare your case for international funding and if you can actually afford to continue with the application. This will ensure that neither of us are wasting our valuable time. You must also understand that for any type of funding, total payment of costs after closure is never possible and we will not communicate on such issues.

Kindly refer to the our fee structure (at the end of this page) in order to have a clear picture on the facilitation and success fees.


Consultants are professionals services similar to other consultants such as Solicitors, Accountants, Engineers, Architects etc. They are specialized in providing funding solutions for huge projects or businesses that are commercially viable. A professional 'Project Funding Consultant' requires vast skills, expertise, network and connections in order to successfully complete whatever tasks in hand.

A Project Funding Consultants job is to conduct a thorough study on the proposed project in order to secure the viability of the project. Their main task is to identify the weakness and the risk involved in a project and to take the necessary measure to address all these issues.

They need to conduct a preliminary screening to identify the weakness and the risks involved on a proposed project. A few of the core elements that need to be identified and addressed are as follows:

  • Study the project background, Business Intent as well as it's present stages, Growth Strategies, Financial Strategies study the overview of it's geographical location, site selection, investment climate etc.
  • Study the Product / Services / Technology Development Strategies Operational Set Up, SWOT Analysis, Research & Development (R&D), Benefits & Customer Value.
  • Study the market opportunities as well as the market risk, Targeted Market, Competitors. Conduct a proper market penetration analysis to capture the market demand from different Segments (Marketing Overview & Marketing Program).
  • Study the Management Team Education Background, Experience or Involvement in the TEAM Industry, Organizational Chart and human resource Plan.
  • Study the conservative, achievable and management projection revenue, costs, expenses and Cash flow (Financial Overview & Financial Qs to considers).
  • Study the capability of the principal, their experience and understanding of the market, their characteristics of integrity and honesty, their commitment towards the business venture, their track record of loan repayment etc.
  • A methodology approach and a detailed research has to be conducted by the consultant in order to verify and analyse the risk involved. The funding alternatives and the effective protection measures need to be implemented to protect the Project Funding.

This process is usually completed by the Consultants conducting and completing a full feasibility study on the proposed project. The Full Feasibility Study will be used to obtain financial instruments such as Bank Guarantees, Standby Letter of Credit, Insurance Certificates, Corporate Bonds, Banker's Acceptances or Bank Structured Notes etc., to secure against the project.

The proposed project will carry weight financially, with the presence of the financial instrument or minimized all the risks involved on the proposed project. It will acts as an insurance to provide the lender with reassurance that they will be compensated if the borrower defaulted.

This will be a secured and a attractive venture for the lenders or investor to consider funding your project. A Project Funding Consultant job is not like a broker's job. A broker will introduce you to a lender or financial institution commission. Project Funding Consultant are professional consultants who conduct a thorough study on the proposed project.

They will identify and address all the weakness and the risks involved on the proposed project in a safe and secure funding solutions that will meet the needs of all parties. The Consultant job is to structure a most suitable funding solutions and carry out all the required work till completion of the funding successfully. Basically they will assists the Project Principal from a scratch to successful completion of the funding.

An Investor will consider looking at 'Your Proposal' when they are 100% sure that the proposed project can generate more money than expected!

What We Offer

Raising Funds for your project is not about writing the best business plan. The most attractive or best business plan is worthless if it is not able to secure the funding for your proposed project. In the real world a business plan do not carry any weight and is unable to secure the funding for your proposed project.

Funding a project is about eliminating all the risk involved in a project and creating a commercial value for the project. It is about addressing all it's risks and making the project technically, financially and economically viable. Project Funding is about conducting a detailed research in order to verify and analyze the proposed project implication on the actual market.

It is about studying all the funding alternatives available and to structure the most suitable funding solution that will ensure the success of the project. Funding is about packaging the project in such way that will assist the Lenders, Investors and Project Owners to safely and successfully accomplish the realization of the project.

Completing the above task require enomours knowledge, skills, expertise in the Project Funding field. As a professional Project Funding Consultant we are well equipped with the required knowledge, skills, expertise, connections and network in the field. By hiring us as your consultant you had secured the possibility of funding your project as we know exactly what we are doing and able to deliver what it takes to successful completion of the funding for your project.

On your own it is going to be a stressful and a disappointing experience as most of the Lenders and Investors will be turning you down. Statistic research found that 90% of Project Principal who seeks to raise funds on their own had failed. As a Project Principal your chances of successfully completing the funding is very slim, this is due to your restricted knowledge, skills and expertise on this field.

Most probably you will not be able to create a commercial value for your project and unable to secure the project with a financial instruments. This would automatically lead the Investor or Lenders to reject your project as your project is an unsecured venture and commercially not viable. Investing into your project means risking their capital for the funders. No Funders or Investors are interested to risk their funds at any cause.

Building a strong relationship with the supplier and the customers is the major contributing factor for success in any business. Over the years of being in business we had build a strong relationship with the Lenders and Investors.

Lenders and Investors are more confidence to fund the project proposed by us as we understand their needs and able to deliver the project that is structured and packaged to meet their needs. Having build a strong relationship with our Lenders and Investors we are at the advantage of securing the funding for your project with much ease.

This is one of our major contributing factors for securing the funding successfully. We believe that we had provided adequate information for you to have a clear picture on the Project Funding Industry and how it works in the real world. As a Project Principal or a Project Promoter you should have a better understanding on our services and the need for you to hire us as your consultant to complete the task successfully.

In conclusion raising funds for your project is the essence for realization of your proposed project. It is the most important task that need to be accomplished and could not be compromised for whatever reason as it is the core for successful completion of your project.

With our appointment as your Consultant, you will have the peace of mind that the funding of your project is in the hand of experienced consultant who is capable of completing the task successfully.

About Projects

Swiss Smart Solutions provides customized funding solutions for our clients. Our services are to assist our clients in arrangement of funds for various commercial projects. Our minimum funding amount for a project is USD 5.0 million with no maximum amount. The objective of Swiss Smart Solutions is to assist our clients with provision of :Structured Financing Equity Funding, Debt Funding, Loan, Venture Capital Arranging various kind of Lending Program for Corporate, Government Entities, Banks and other business ventures. Raising Capital.

Joint Ventures & Strategic Partners Arrangement of Joint Venture Partners for viable Joint Venture Projects from Personal and Corporate Investors from worldwide. Pre Feasibility & Full Feasibility Studies Doing pre feasibility and full feasibility studies on the project proposed.

The following is a few list of industries that we are able to arrange project funding:

  • Hotels/Motels
  • Financial Institutions
  • Shopping Centers
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Petrol/Gas Stations
  • Oil and Gas
  • Apartment Complexes & Condos
  • Transports and Utilities
  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
  • Technology
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Mining
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Renewable & Sustainable Energy

Swiss Smart Solutions assists their clients to assess the emerging developments and optimize access to international sources of capital. Whether it's a Petroleum Refinery in Saudi, an Airport in Sudan, or a power plant in Iraq, Swiss Smart Solutions has the global resources, expertise, and financial network to successfully structure and finance large projects.

Funding Procedure

The Clients are required to render their full cooperation in providing documentation, information and transfer of the required Facilitation Fee, Success Fee as per stated on the Terms of Business & Confidentiality Agreement accordingly for a smooth completion of the Funding.

Our Procedure:

  1. All our Clients are required to read and understand SSS General Info & Procedures prior to submission of their application. It is required to ensure that our clients understand the Funding processes and able to comply & cooperate accordingly for a smooth Funding completion.
  2. The Client need to submit a formal application by filing the SSS Project Submission Form and send us the full documentation as per the Documentation Required List.
  3. Upon submission of the required information SSS will conduct an evaluation on your project and confirm on our ability to assist the Client in securing the Funding.
  4. If the project is viable, we will discuss with the clients on the options available to fund their project and the terms of appointing us as their consultant.
  5. If the Client accepts our offer, we will prepare Terms of Business & Confidentiality Agreement (TOB&CA) indicating our commitment to proceed with the application and the "Terms" of the funding being offered to the client.
  6. The Client has Seven (7) days to sign and fax the Terms of Business & Confidentiality Agreement (TOB&CA) to our office in DUBAI or our main consultant office in Zurich. (The email and Fax copy is acceptable as a valid agreement of our appointment as your consultant till the signing of the original Agreement at our First meeting with the Client.)
  7. Client transfer the First stage of Facilitation Fee as advised, SSS will immediately conduct a thorough study on the project to identify the risks and weakness involved in the project and advise on the necessary protection measures need to be taken to address all these issues.
  8. Upon completion of the above procedures, SSS will prepare the pre-visit documentation and itinerary for our first meeting with the client at the project location.
  9. Due Diligence and case relative investigation will be carried out accordingly.
  10. SSS will proceed with the funding structuring works, feasibility studies in order to complete the funding packaging procedures.
  11. The project will be customized, structured and packaged to meet it's most suitable funding solution that will support the realization of the project.
  12. Finally SSS will present your case to the identified funding sources and negotiate the closure of the funding successfully.

Time Frame For Completion:

  • The size and complexity of your case.
  • The type of funding or investment you require.
  • The completeness of your original business plan and how much work has to be done on that.
  • The speed you respond to information or documentation request.
  • Other issues such as approval from the authorities or government that are outside our control.

Required Documentation List:

  1. A Completed SSS Project Submission Form.
  2. A comprehensive Business Plan or an Executive Summary
  3. Financial Statements (if available/at least 3 years) of the applicant company
  4. A detailed quarterly/monthly Project Cost Schedule
  5. A list of Corporate Directors
  6. A list of Shareholders and % of ownership of the corporation
  7. A list of hard equity presently available ( assets : land, properties, cash & etc)
  8. Details of collateral or guarantees offered ( if available)
  9. Any other additional documentation that will assists us in successfully funding your proposed project.

Important Notes:

  • SSS is required to collect documents on both the project itself and the application company and individuals.
  • The above list is only the basic list of required documentations.
  • It is impossible to issue the final list of required documents till the completion of the loan structuring works.
  • We may request our client to provide additional documentation is necessary based from case by case.

Fee Structure

It is very important for our clients to understand and accept our Facilitation and Success commission structure before they submit their Application to us:

Facilitation Fee:
We are highly committed towards delivering result to all our clients. This is one of the reasons why our initial Facilitation Fee is not high. The objective of the Facilitation Fee is to cover our cost, time, work, travelling and expenses , We do not charge high and go to great lengths to protect our client's money, where advance payments are concerned.

Facilitation Fee is payable in three stages which provides maximum security and protection to our clients by allowing payments as the case proceeds, and not 100% in advance. The client will pay progressively as the project progress.We do not have a fixed amount for Facilitation Fee. The Facilitation Fees differ from case to case. The average amount for Facilitation Fee is estimated approximately EURO 100,000 - EURO 3,500,000.

We charge the Facilitation Fee based on the amount of work and costs involved on the proposed project. The intention of this is to ensure that we are able to provide the minimum charges and to protect our client interest.

Success Fee:
The Success Fee is where we make our earnings or profit for our consultancy services. Our actual earning comes from here. We earn when our client had successfully secured their funding. The Client will pay us Success Fee, after their funding is completed and drawn down. This is our commitment. We Win after Our Client had Won their funding. The success fee for each projects varies.

Basically the Success Fee will be from 1.5% to 3% of the project face value. The sum for Success Fee will be fixed at the Terms Of Business & Confidentiality Agreement (TOB&CA), which is issued after we have studied your case papers. The total amount expenses to successful completion of your funding is stated on the Terms Of Business & Confidentiality Agreement (TOB&CA). This will ensure that our clients are well informed and understand about the expenses that are payable at each stage of the process.